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With the cancellation of Looe Music Festival less than three weeks before the event there were two options; not having any event or putting together an alternative event to the best of our ability in 17 days. We chose the latter as hundreds of people had booked and paid for accommodation for the weekend, pub and hotel venues had lined up their own bands and the popular feeling was let’s party anyway. So the community of Looe got back to where the Looe Music Festival all started which was a community event spread across Looe with larger stages for the bigger bands. So “Looe Saves the Day” was born, not the greatest name but a great sentiment and a reflection of the spirit of Looe.

With no legal access to the plans, people and database of contacts, volunteers and sponsors of the original event we had to hit the road running and start from scratch for the events in the public areas, acquiring permissions from licensing authorities, police and all the necessary steps to create a safe and legal event. But when the going gets tough…

The party happened and the day, in fact the whole weekend was saved. So what do the festival goers think about the Looe Saves the Day festival and the group which organised it .

“Fabulous thank you guys – love this place and really appreciate the effort made by all concerned “ said one enthusiastic festival goer, while another added “ I really hope the same team organise an event for next year. Everyone should be so proud. Let’s keep this going. Looe is the best place to be come rain or shine! Throw lots of excellent music in and you just can’t beat it!

Other comments include “ It’s been absolutely amazing so far really great fun – thank you all for such a super festival “ and “ From the people we’ve spoken to we all prefer this festival than previous ones! It’s been all about the local bands and town which is how it should be. Brilliant weekend. Thank you.”

Reading the positive comments from festival goers and local residents after the final performance by headliner P.P. Arnold late on Sunday evening , the exhausted but very happy LTSTD group could hardly believe their own achievements.

“If you had told me three weeks ago I would be part of a team organising a three day music festival, I would have just laughed” said Edwina Hannaford. “But we have done it – this small Cornish fishing port has pulled off an amazing achievement and has given thousands of people an unforgettable experience.

 So what of the future?. Mayor Armand Toms says they need a few days to reflect over what has been achieved over the past three weeks and will then ask the town to decide what they want to see in the future.

Until then the town can be forgiven for just enjoying their moment – after all LOOE HAS SAVED THE DAY.