Funding Update 8th Sept

Looe Saves the Day festival reaches £30,000 target

Organisers of the “Looe Saves the Day” festival  have praised the incredible generosity of local businesses and individual residents whose donations mean that the initial £30,000 target has been met just 48 hours after the launch of the fund raising campaign – well within the deadline. While this means that a community led festival can now go ahead, the group needs to raise at least another £10,000 to cover the costs of providing additional safety arrangements identified at a meeting of key partners on Friday.

We have been overwhelmed by the response of the local community” said the Mayor of Looe and Cornwall  Councillor Armand Toms. “We have received more than £13, 000 in pledges on our crowd funding page, as well as donations from businesses and local residents, and earlier today an individual gave us a significant donation which enabled us to meet our £30,000 target.   

“We are incredibly grateful for the donations we have already received but need people to continue to support us as we need to raise at least £40,000 to ensure that we keep everyone safe – so please keep those donations coming.” 

Work is well underway on drawing up the event management and traffic plans required to stage the event, and in pulling together an exciting programme of bands and artists to perform over the three day festival from 21 to 23 September.

A multi agency meeting involving representatives of the police and Cornwall Council was held on Friday to discuss the proposed arrangements for staging the event. While the meeting supported the overall plans for the festival in principle, the organisers have been asked to include some additional actions to ensure the safety of all those taking part, both on the main stage and on the streets of the town. It is the cost of providing these additional safety arrangements which has increased the fund raising target to £40,000.

“Based on the fantastic response from the local community we are confident we will be able to meet this new target and, hopefully, raise even more to help us provide a wider range of bands and musicians” said Cornwall Councillor and Looe Saves the Day organiser Edwina Hannaford.

“As we said previously we will be publishing the accounts to show where every penny raised has been spent. Any surplus will be used to benefit the local community – either by supporting a community festival next year or another local project. We will be seeking the views of the local community before any decision is made”. 

The reduced scale of the festival means that the organisers will be working closely with the police and other partners to manage the numbers attending the event. We will aim to try and give priority to those who bought tickets for the original festival and the local community.

“We are very excited that, thanks to the support from the people of Looe, we will be able to stage our Looe Saves the Day Festival” said Armand Toms. 

“We are enormously grateful to everyone who is supporting us – from the businesses who have offered us staging, lighting and PA equipment and financial sponsorship, the artists who are offering to play for free or reduced fees, the individual residents who have designed our Looe Saves the Day logo and are running our Facebook pages and website, as well as those donating money to our fund raising campaign.” . 

Further updates on the arrangements for the festival will be posted on the Looe Saves the Day Facebook page and the Looe Saves the Day events page, as well as on the website as they are confirmed so please watch out for details. The contact details are and


Press Release 1

Looe Saves the Day

Organisers of the “Looe Saves The Day” festival have thanked the hundreds of local residents and businesses who have come forward to pledge their support for organising a free community led event in place of the cancelled music festival

Following the shock news that the charity staging the official Looe Music Festival had gone into administration less than a month before the event was due to take place, an intrepid group of local residents, led by the town’s Mayor Armand Toms and Cornwall Councillor Edwina Hannaford, swung into action to try and rescue the situation.

The festival has raised more than £18m for the local economy since it was launched seven years ago. Faced with the prospect of losing £2.2 m of much needed income for local businesses from this year’s festival, and disappointing more than 3,500 ticket holders, the group have spent the last 48 hours putting plans in place to stage a smaller, community led open air event. Most of the small team of volunteers were involved in organising the original community music festival and are up for the challenge of replacing the planned official festival, which had been more than a year in the planning, with an alternative community event in just three weeks.

We know from comments on social media that many of the people who had bought tickets and booked accommodation were still planning to come to Looe and we want to make sure that they all have a great time “ said Edwina Hannaford. “Doing nothing was not an option and so we set up the “Looe Saves the Day” campaign to tap into the incredible community spirit in our town and turn this potential disaster into a triumph”.

Since launching the campaign just 48 hours ago the town has been overwhelmed with offers of support from individuals and businesses both in Looe and from across the country.  More than 50 bands have already offered to play for free, with many more expected to come forward over the coming days. Offers to perform have also come from local choirs, comedians and from renowned Cornish entertainer Kernow King. Local people have offered to provide stage, lighting and sound equipment and to act as volunteers during the event, with pledges of support also coming from Plymouth City Bus, Looe Rotary Club, and local hotels, guest houses and camp sites.

One of the main issues facing the group has been finding appropriate venues for the event. While many local pubs, bars and cafes had booked bands to play during the official festival, the group were worried that without a main performance area these premises could struggle to cope with the sheer numbers of people in the town.

While the Harbour Commissioners have given the group permission to use Buller Quay free of charge, they need to raise a minimum of £30,000 to cover the costs of arranging security, insurance cover, toilets, fencing, temporary event licences, medical support and lighting and sound equipment for the mobile stage.

Although more than £7,000 has already been pledged, with a local renewables company also offering to provide a further £4,000 of sponsorship, the group need to raise the remaining £19,000 by the end of Saturday afternoon to ensure that the event can go ahead.

Asking people to dig deep to support the campaign, Mayor Armand Toms said every penny raised would be used to stage the community event, and he would personally ensure that the accounts were published in full so people could see where their money had gone.

An official Crowdfunding page has been set up for people to make donations, together with a Facebook event page and Twitter feed to provide up to date information about the developing plans.

Please find out information on our Face Book page “Looe Saves the Day” and we are populating a website as well in due course .

Once we know if we have raised the money we need to stage the event, we will be working to finalise the arrangements and will be keeping local people informed about what is happening via the local media and our social media channels“ said Armand Toms.  “As this will be a smaller event than the original festival, we will need to manage the numbers attending carefully, with priority given to the people who had previously bought tickets and local residents”.

If all goes to plan, the group are hoping to stage a warm up event on the Thursday evening, with the main festival taking place between the Friday and Sunday. As well as the main performances, there will also be buskers playing in the streets and other activities to ensure that the whole town is involved in the event. The festival will be covered by the local media, with the BBC Music Introducing in Devon and Cornwall programme covering the musical performances, and BBC Radio Cornwall presenters and Cornwall Live’s Lee Trewhela also pledging their support.

As usual Looe has come up trumps and is helping us to “Save the Day” said Edwina Hannaford. “Seven years ago I went on the stage at the end of our first ever music festival and said ‘not bad for a little fishing village in Cornwall’. I am confident that I will be repeating those words in three weeks time – thanks to the people and businesses in Looe”.


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Looe Saves The Day is born

The call went out to Looe and the music scene for help to create a community event for the weekend of 21-23 September 2018 and 150 people attended the meeting in Looe’s Mill Pool Centre with overwhelming messages of support and pledges of help in services, goods and cash. Looe Saves The Day was born. Stay tuned.