Venue Details

Venue information and running order will be posted here. What you are seeing at the moment is work in progress as we fit the bands to venues and times.

Main Stage


Start Time Band name
18:15 Three Minute Warning
19:45 Black Friday
21:15 Company B


Start Time Band name
18:15 The Huckleberry Finns
20:00 The Countrymen
21:30 Los Pacominos Ft Paul Young


Start Time Band name
12:00 Falmouth Soul Sensation
13:15 Helm and The All Star Band
14:30 The Trees
15:45 The Flaming Infidels
17:00 King Creature
18:15 Mad Dog Mcrae
19:45 The Correspondents
21:30 Uncle Frank


Start Time Band name
12:00 Sonic Kingdom
13:15 The Viewers
14:30 Grenaways
15:30 Kernow King
16:30 Russell Sinclair and the Smokin Locos
17:45 Vince Lee and the Big Combo
18:45 Charlie Harris
19:30 Good Old Fashioned Lover Boys
21:00 PP Arnold