Venue Details

Venue information and running order will be posted here. What you are seeing at the moment is work in progress as we fit the bands to venues and times.

Quay Side Centre West Looe


Start Time Band name
13:00 Strings and Roundabouts
14:00 Joe Hurworth
15:30 Stereolithic
17:00 Marley White
18:30 Dastardlys
20:00 Diamond Geezers
21:30 Smokey’s King Shufflers


Start Time Band name
13:00 Bucket List
14:15 Charlie Harris
15:30 Oh Majester
17:00 Shamrock
18:15 Boundless Brothers
19:45 Daddy Long legs
21:30 Sergeant Flint


Start Time Band name
12:15 Division
13:00 Yazzy
14:00 Lost Cousins
15:00 The Polperro Wreckers
16:30 The Huckleberry Finns
18:00 Bucca Dhu
19:30 Dr Thuds Remedy
21:00 Dr Oz